celebracion del dia de canarias en Guia de Isora

Canary Islands Day and Craft Fair in Alcalá, Tenerife

On the 30th of May every year, the people of the Canary Islands come together to celebrate their most characteristic festivity, the Día de Canarias. This day is a celebration of the history, culture and traditions of the Canary Islands, and is celebrated with parades, music and food.

Callejón Santa Trinidad en Aripe, Tenerife

Surprising historical facts about Guía de Isora

Guía de Isora is a municipality that belongs to the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the municipal capital is located in the town of Guía. Originally, the territory was known as Isora and it is said that it comes from the name of a Guanche princess.


Discover the music of Folklore Canario

Guía de Isora, a town in the Canary Islands, has not escaped the influence of the rich musical folklore of the region. The fusion of diverse cultural expressions that have occurred throughout the periods of colonisation, conquest and trade, have given rise to a musical style that has been passed down from generation to generation.

La quema del Lucas en Guia de Isora

The rescue of the Lucas in Guía de Isora

The burning of Lucas is a tradition that originated in Guía de Isora in 1794, as a way of condemning Fray Lucas, a seductive friar who was dismissed by the bishop due to his immorality. Every year, on the feast of San Juan, a doll representing Fray Lucas is burnt as a way of ridiculing his behaviour and condemning him to burn at the stake for life. Nowadays, the tradition consists of competitions for the best “Lucas”, dances, costume exhibitions and, of course, the burning of the dummy.


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