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Do you know the famous rosquetes de Guía de Isora treats? What they are and where to find them

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If you don't know the traditional rosquetes de huevo from the south of Tenerife, we explain what they are and also tell you the best place to try them. Would you like to taste them?

The confectionery in the municipality of Guía de Isora in Tenerife is one of the best in Spain, standing out with fabulous traditional recipes and numerous sweet shops that, as a tradition, have preserved their gastronomy with great effort.

One of the most popular sweets are the “rosquetes de huevo”, which are made specifically by some of the families of Guía de Isora, giving them a flavour and texture that delight those who try them.

What are the “rosquetes de huevo” of Guía de Isora?

A rosquete is a traditional sweet that is similar in shape to a doughnut and, like the doughnut, can be fried or baked. They are sweet and are usually topped with sugar.

They taste very tasty, especially at snack time, to accompany morning coffee or tea. It is very common for people from other islands or from the surrounding area to come to Guía de Isora to try the rosquetes de huevo.

Where to try the famous egg rosquetes

The sweet shops in Guía de Isora are as old as the town itself, and one in particular called “Dulcería Isora” is of special importance for being the pioneer of the municipality’s confectionery. It was in this shop that the first wood-fired egg rosquetes were made.

confectionary shop in Guia de Isora

This confectioner’s shop has passed down through the generations and still has the same quality that identifies these rosquetes, with an artisan, fresh and sweet taste. For this reason, it has won several awards throughout its history, and is currently reopening on the 1st of March.

Therefore, it is the best place to try the egg rosquetes (or rosquetes de huevos) directly from the heritage of its pioneer.

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