Guía de Isora all year round

Find out about upcoming events that will take place in our municipality. In this section you can view updates on upcoming events that will take place in Guía de Isora, in all areas:

Traditional or gastronomic events: Guía de Isora is known for its traditions and local products, so you can find various events of this type and learn about the culture and elements that are typical of the town.

Local festivals: Throughout the whole municipality, festivals are held throughout the year, with various events where we highlight the participation of the locals to ensure the success of the same.

Sporting events: Every year we have various sporting events known throughout the island, such as the aquathlon in Playa de San Juan, the swimming crossing in Playa de San Juan, or the famous “Subida a Guía”.

Music festivals and concerts: In Guía de Isora there are annual festivals along with a regular offer of concerts and recitals.

Theatre and Cinema: The festivals and theatre exhibitions that take place in the municipality throughout the year are also well known, especially the International Documentary Film Festival MiradasDoc.

These are just a few examples of the many exciting events that Guía de Isora has to offer. Be sure to check out the agenda or subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss anything – we hope to see you soon in our municipality!

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