Guia de Isora
Guia de Isora

The 3 best hiking routes in Guía de Isora, in the South of Tenerife

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Tenerife offers thousands of proposals year-round for all tastes. However, if you’re an adventure lover, enjoy exploring nature, and are in the South of Tenerife, don’t miss the hiking routes offered by Guía de Isora. The island’s trail network connects the sea with rocky summits, crossing various protected natural areas, making it one of the most famous destinations for active tourism in Spain. We will now tell you about the 3 best routes in the South of Tenerife, specifically in Guía de Isora, and what makes them so special.

Trail Chío – Vera de Erques PR-TF 69

This 14.6 km trail starts in the village of Chío, specifically on El Roquillo street. It begins from the cemetery and connects to the access to Chiguergue. The path continues and leads us to the rural nucleus of Chirche, declared a Cultural Heritage, and a Historic Ensemble by the Government of the Canary Islands in 2008. The trail continues ascending along the old Tágara path until reaching the “bailadero” area, where we will veer right onto the path that leads to the Rural Hamlet of El Jaral. From there, we descend through the path that crosses the ravine and connects with the uninhabited hamlet of Las Fuentes, known for its rich heritage and ethnographic value. The trail then descends further along the Montiel Path until reaching the village square of Vera de Erques, where it concludes.

carrera de montaña

Trail Chío to Arguayo SL-TF 201

Sendero carteles

The trail is located in Chío and covers a distance of 3.88 km. We will pass through a malpaís area, where the path alternates with narrow trails and the vegetation is limited to bejeques and isolated pine trees until we reach the square of the Arguayo Pottery Center. For the more adventurous, the trail can continue from Arguayo to Santiago del Teide, passing through the Chinyero Natural Reserve, making the route longer. This trail is ideal for the early months of the year when the predominant almond trees are in bloom in this area.

Trail Guía de Isora a Boca Tauce PR-TF 70

With a distance of approximately 17.5 km and high difficulty, we find ourselves on the approved trail PR-TF 70 Guía de Isora – Tágara – Boca Tauce. Starting from the church of Guía de Isora, it ascends through the village streets before entering the trail. The path continues through vineyards and shrubs until reaching the Era de Las Vistas. After crossing the Tágara pine forest, you will enjoy magnificent views of the Niágara ravine until reaching Boca de Chavao. From there, you will walk at the foot of imposing rock formations until reaching the final point: Boca Tauce.

On our website, you can find our trail portal that provides detailed information about these and other hiking routes. Don’t wait any longer to explore the hiking trails of Guía de Isora!

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