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Active tourism

Walking and Hiking


The result of regular trading between local people during their traditional agricultural use, Guía de Isora is home to extensive well-worn walking routes from the sea to summit.

There is a network of recently approved trails which you can follow through protected natural and cultural areas.

Know all the possibilities offered by Guía de Isora, we invite you to visit our Trail Guide:

Guia de Isora

Planning and preparation

Walking is fun, but can bear some risks. To have a safe and enjoyable walk, you should observe the following tips and hints when planning the route:

  • Route planning with the help of walking guides, maps or suitably experienced people (e.g. from walking clubs and associations, tourist information offices or accommodation providers).
  • Get route information about distances, total ascend, difficulty rating and estimated time of completion of the route, as well as possible risks (e.g. steep slopes, scree slopes, danger of rock fall, snowfields).
  • Only when these questions are answered you can judge if the tour is safe to attempt, according to physical fitness and technical knowledge of the participant.
  • Know possible short cuts for the route.
  • If you are less experienced: Plan tours less than two hours with a total altitude difference of less than 300m.
  • Take note of the weather forecast.
  • Find out where to get provisions and where sheltered resting places are on route.
  • Let friends or family know what route and where you’re going. Don’t forget to let them know you’re back on your return.
  • With children or bigger groups remember to allow significantly more time

To conserve these spaces

  • Keep the trail clean and take your rubbish with you.
  • Take special care with cigarette butts. They can cause fires.
  • Keep in mind that we are in fragile natural areas. Do not take plants or any other items.
  • Avoid noise. Respect the environment.
  • Do not leave the trails to conserve the environment.
  • Know local products.

Telephone numbers

  • Townhall: 922 85 01 00
  • Tourist Offices: 922 85 12 22 / 922 13 89 87 / 922 86 51 51
  • Local Police: 922 85 01 01 / 670 85 01 01
  • Guardia Civil: 922 13 81 76
  • Emergencies: 112
  • Titsa (bus): 922 53 13 00
  • Taxi: 922 74 75 11

For your safety

  • Carry boots or shoes suitable for hiking according to the difficulty of the route.
  • Wear a waterproof coat and a hat or cap to protect from the sun.
  • Carry enough water and food for the duration of the tour. –
  • Remember that there is not always coverage in the natural environment, but it is advisable to bring a mobile phone.
  • In case of rain or strong wind it increases the risks for which it is advisable to be informed of the meteorological predictions


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