Ciclistas en ruta en el Sur de Tenerife
Ciclistas en ruta en el Sur de Tenerife

The top 10 bike routes to do in Guía de Isora

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Guía de Isora is a municipality known for its warm and sunny climate throughout the year, making it an ideal place for bike routes; moreover, the municipality is certified as a Cycling Friendly destination. These routes will lead you to discover each of the beautiful spots this municipality has to offer, ranging from easy circular routes to more demanding ones, giving you options based on your physical fitness. From the website itself, users can access a catalog of bike routes, maps, and all the information cyclists may need, including accommodations, details about events in the area, among others. Some of the routes include:

1. Guía de Isora to Masca via Teno Alto


This route of approximately 78 km starts in Guía de Isora and passes through nearby villages of Chío, Santiago del Teide, Masca, and Teno Alto. It is a highly intense route, ideal for professionals.

2. Guía de Isora to Icod de Los Vinos

It departs from Guía de Isora and goes up through Santiago del Teide. It is a demanding route, approximately 82 km long, with numerous ups and downs, but the panoramic views from the highest areas are stunning; you will enjoy them.

3. Guía de Isora – Montaña de la Cruz – Montaña Cascajo

This mountain route, passing through Chío and the area closest to the well-known Chinyero volcano, covers just under 50 km. It is an intense circular route, ideal for enjoying the views of the mountain and the Canarian pine forest.

4. Guía de Isora – Teide

Cycling through the volcanic landscapes of the area will be absolutely breathtaking. In this route, you start from Guía de Isora, pass through the villages of Chío, Vilaflor, Costa Adeje, and Playa de San Juan. It is a demanding route, with some steep climbs, but the views are spectacular.

5. Guía de Isora – Chirche – Alcalá and Playa de San Juan

This approximately 30 km route, starting in Guía de Isora, goes towards the village of Chirche and continues downhill to the towns of Alcalá and Playa de San Juan. It is a path that will demand good physical fitness, but the reward will be the views of both the summit and the coast in the same route.

6. Guía de Isora – Punta de Teno – Masca

By traversing the wooded areas and beautiful landscapes of the lowland island, such as the Faro de La Punta de Teno, you will pass through various spots along the coast and mountains. The route is highly demanding, covering 106 km.

7. Guía de Isora – Taucho

With steep climbs, it is a route that requires endurance. This 30 km route starts in Guía de Isora and goes to the village of Taucho. You will be impressed by the panoramic views from the highest point of the route.

8. Guía de Isora – Adeje – Granadilla

It is a relatively high-intensity route with some intense climbs that will become more manageable as you delight in the landscape. This path covers an estimated distance of 108 km, passing through different towns in the south of the island such as Adeje, Arona, San Miguel, and Granadilla de Abona.

9. Guía de Isora – Agujero – Barranco de la Arena

The viewpoints in the area are another fabulous way to observe sunsets while cycling. It is a highly demanding route with steep climbs and a distance of approximately 97 km.

10. Guía de Isora – San Juan

It is one of the shortest routes proposed, with almost 26 km of travel awaiting you on this circular path. Starting from Guía de Isora, you will head towards Playa de San Juan. It is an intermediate-level route that goes from the inland to the coast.

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