fuegos artificiales en Alcala
fuegos artificiales en Alcala

Alcalá’s Festivities and Fireworks in honor of the Virgin of Candelaria

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The festivities in honor of the Virgin of Candelaria are a highly significant celebration in Alcalá, a city located in the south of Tenerife, Spain. This celebration takes place every year during the week of August 15th and is one of the largest and most anticipated festivities in Guía de Isora, Tenerife.

In Alcalá, this celebration holds particular value due to the devotion to the Virgin. As part of the festival program, the celebration of the Virgin of Candelaria includes a procession through the streets, festivities, and fireworks in her honor.

Celebration and lights in Alcalá

Several days of celebration take place in this locality, during which the Virgin is taken from the church in a procession to the pier, where she is placed on a boat and taken by the sea to nearby towns, and then brought back and returned to the church.

During this maritime procession, music is heard in the town, and a festive atmosphere is shared with all the inhabitants and visitors from other islands. Another highlight of the festivities is the pyrotechnic show held at sea, lasting approximately 25 minutes.

The complexity and splendor of the fireworks have made this celebration so renowned that even people from abroad visit Alcalá during these August days to witness this magnificent spectacle. The tradition has a long history, dating back approximately a century.

Visiting Alcalá during these dates provides the opportunity to take part in one of the most beautiful festivals in Tenerife and enjoy the wonderful culture and traditions of this Spanish region.

fuegos artificiales en las fiestas de Alcala

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