Group of bikers cycling in Guia de Isora
Group of bikers cycling in Guia de Isora

Guía de Isora receives the certification “Cycling Friendly”

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Guía de Isora has recently received the Cycling Friendly certification, making it an excellent destination for cycling enthusiasts.

Cycling has become a popular form of recreation, transport and sport around the world. With the increasing number of cycling enthusiasts, many regions are striving to become more cycling friendly to accommodate this growing trend.

If you want to know more about what this certification is all about and why the Isorano municipality has it, then continue here with us.

Cycling Friendly Certification: what is it?

Cycling friendly certification in Guia de isora

The Cycling Friendly certification is awarded to localities that have met specific criteria in terms of cycling infrastructure and services.

The certification is divided into several categories and has three certifications: Bronze, Silver and Gold, which take into account accommodation, bicycle rental, repair services and cycling routes. 

Guía de Isora has excelled in all these categories, making it an ideal place for cyclists. Let’s take a closer look at these criteria, which the municipality fulfils to perfection.

Cycling routes of Guía de Isora

These long and short trails in the municipality of Guía de Isora are very diverse, as you can choose a coastal route, pass through villages, ride through forests or view volcanic areas.

All of them are adapted to different levels, from beginners to experienced cyclists, cyclists can enjoy the breathtaking views while exercising.

grupo de ciclistas en Guia de isora

Accommodation for cyclists: a must

Some accommodations in Guía de Isora offer convenient facilities including secure bicycle storage, well-equipped repair areas, and additional services such as repairs and laundry.

Cyclists can rest assured that their bicycles are safe while enjoying their stay in Guía de Isora.

Bike tools points

If during a route your bike gives you any problems, don’t worry. In Guía de Isora there are four self-repair and maintenance stations so that you can think of nothing else but enjoying yourself.

With its Cycling Friendly certification, Guía de Isora has become a special destination for cycling enthusiasts. The municipality has everything a cyclist needs for a memorable holiday. 

From stunning cycling routes to excellent accommodation and cycling facilities, Guía de Isora is the perfect place for anyone wishing to explore Tenerife on two wheels.

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