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Guía de Isora receives Biosphere certification as a sustainable tourist destination

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The Biosphere Destination certification recognises the efforts made by this amazing community to promote sustainable tourism, help protect the environment and boost the local economy, and has been recognised as the best sustainability certification tool in the world.

Guía de Isora, in the south of the island of Tenerife, has been recognised as a sustainable tourist destination by the Responsible Tourism Institute (ITR), an entity endorsed by UNESCO and the World Tourism Organisation, committed to the integral insertion of the 2030 Agenda in organisations, companies and citizens.

This certification is a remarkable achievement for the municipality as it is not only the only municipality on the island of Tenerife to be Biosphere certified, but also highlights its commitment to sustainable development and responsible tourism practices. Let’s take a closer look at what parameters it has focused on and the achievements it needs to sustain over time.

Guía de Isora, Spain’s sustainable destination

This municipality, with a variety of ecosystems that makes it very interesting, has been working for several years to achieve this certification. It has done so by applying various measures to reduce its environmental impact, reduce its carbon footprint, achieve energy efficiency and promote sustainable tourism.

The City Council developed a strategy to establish and maintain the area as a sustainable destination that prioritizes the protection of the surrounding environment through the creation of an ecological vision, objectives, and necessary actions for sustainable tourism.

Are there any ideas implemented that promote responsible tourism in Guía de Isora? One of them is the improvement in sanitation and water management or the protection of the natural resources that they possess and which are of unparalleled beauty. In addition, they have carried out a policy of support for local businesses, giving them the opportunity to belong to the Biosphere community and be able to create their sustainability strategy.

Efforts recognised by Biosphere certification

In Guía de Isora, the municipality’s efforts to involve the local community in sustainable tourism practices have been considered.

The municipality has been working with local residents to promote sustainable tourism, encouraging them to participate in environmentally friendly activities while promoting the creation of local businesses and supporting those that are already established.

Like the efforts made in sustainable tourism, Guía de Isora is an ideal destination for travellers seeking a unique and authentic experience. The Biosphere certification highlights these attributes.

The municipality has stunning landscapes, a rich cultural heritage and a wide range of outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling and water sports. In addition, it is possible to enjoy the delicious gastronomy of the region based on local ingredients and traditional recipes.

Certification that promotes and enhances sustainable tourism activity

Choosing a sustainable destination like Guía de Isora, which has received the Biosphere certification for its commitment to environmental care and supporting the local community, not only benefits the environment and locals but also provides tourists with a more meaningful and enjoyable experience that respects ecosystems and supports the local economy.

By visiting Guía de Isora, travellers can contribute, through their actions, to the conservation of the cultural and natural heritage of the region, as well as to the well-being of its inhabitants.
Similarly, tourists will find a wide range of accommodation, from small hotels and ecolodges to luxury resorts. Many of these accommodations have also implemented sustainable practices in order to maintain this certification and meet certification standards.

These practices include the use of low-energy lighting, the installation of water-saving systems and organic vegetable gardens.

Certificacion Biosphere Guia de Isora

Testimony of commitment to the environment

The certification acknowledges Guía de Isora as a sustainable tourism destination, applauds the community’s efforts in preserving its natural heritage, and serves as a model for other destinations to follow.

Guía de Isora’s remarkable achievement in obtaining the Biosphere certification encourages travelers to choose an authentic and ecological destination for their visit.

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