Seasonal whale watching in Tenerife

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In Tenerife, whale watching is a popular tourist activity thanks to the large population and diversity of these marine mammals. You can see dolphins and whales on different tours, where you can find up to 21 different species.

When it comes to tourist activities in Tenerife, whale and dolphin watching is undoubtedly internationally renowned. Due to the island’s conditions, the water, its location and other elements, there is a large population and diversity of these mammals.

For this reason, you can go whale watching on many types of tours offered by tourist agencies. They allow you to sail and see everything from dolphins to whales – just imagine!

It is impressive that up to 21 species of cetaceans have been found in the Canary Islands. And, although some vary in appearance depending on the season, the likelihood of seeing the resident species is always high.

Seasons for whale watching Tenerife

When it comes to whale watching, it is common to think about the best season to do it; however, in Tenerife it is always a good time of year for this activity.

Regardless of the excursion you take, it is very likely that on any day of the year you will be able to see cetaceans around this area. This is directly related to the geographical conditions of the island.

On the other hand, there are species that are migratory and, therefore, can only be seen at very specific times of the year.

Spring and winter

These two seasons are the best to see the greatest diversity of species, given that they are synchronised with the migration season of cetaceans worldwide. This influences some whales to make a stopover in Tenerife.

Species such as dolphins and pilot whales have a more than 70% chance of being sighted, regardless of the season, and this has to do with them being resident.

But if you are interested in seeing humpbacks, fin whales, blue whales, baleen whales and the occasional sperm whale, it is best to travel to Tenerife during these seasons.

Summer and autumn

These seasons also have their charm, as you can see the resident species around the island and there is also a greater chance of seeing their offspring, mainly in summer.

On the other hand, autumn is the best time for sailing tours, where you can go sailing on a sailboat or catamaran. You can also dive or snorkel and get closer to the cetaceans in a more intimate way.

Whale and dolphin watching in Tenerife: a unique activity

This activity is unique and very exclusive to Tenerife, so you should make the most of it when you are on its shores. No matter what day of the year, you will be able to enjoy the sight of these great and affectionate mammals.

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