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Eating in a Guachinche in the south of Tenerife

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If you are planning to visit Tenerife or are already visiting, either in the south or the north of the island, you will soon hear the word Guachinche. And you will ask yourself: what does it mean?

A Guachinche is an establishment where traditional homemade food is offered to accompany the local vintage wine. The variety of products offered in a guachinche has increased over the years, so that nowadays you can eat in these places a wide variety of typical dishes of the islands, such as rabbit in salmorejo sauce, chickpeas, ropa vieja, ribs with potatoes, carne fiesta, goat meat, escaldón, among others. You can also find sweets such as bienmesabe or quesillo, all accompanied by a good glass of local wine. 


If you are travelling in the south of Tenerife, you should not miss the experience of eating in a Guachinche. Especially if you rent a car, as they say that the more hidden the place, the better the food. For this reason, here are a few recommendations of places where you can enjoy this treasure of Canarian culture.

Guachinches in Guía de Isora

Although Guachinches are more common in the northern part of Tenerife, there are also some options to find them in the south, specifically in Guía de Isora. Among the most well-known Guachinches in this municipality, you can find Guachinche Abreu, Guachinche de Leti, Guachinche El Lomo, and Guachinche La Pacheca, to name a few.

Remember that Guachinches are very popular places, especially during the harvest seasons. Make sure to check their opening hours before visiting and, if possible, make a reservation in advance.

Enjoy the authentic Canarian cuisine at the Guachinches in Guía de Isora!

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