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Caserío de las Fuentes

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Several centuries ago, the little hamlet of Las Fuentes was known for its importance as an agricultural and livestock center. It was known as the “Granary and Pantry of Isora” due to its significance in food production, both for local sustenance and to supply nearby communities.

The origin of the toponym “Las Fuentes,” related to natural water springs, highlights the inhabitants’ ability to harness water resources and grow on “jable”. The fact that they have preserved these agricultural practices over time demonstrates their deep roots and adaptation to the environment.

From the 1950s onward, a gradual abandonment of the hamlet began. This was due to the pursuit of a better quality of life and the lack of infrastructure to meet modern needs. Although the hamlet is still habited today, the significant decrease in population reflects the social and economic changes that have affected many rural areas.

Despite these changes, Las Fuentes has preserved its historical and cultural heritage. The structures of traditional houses, bread ovens, threshing floors, passageways, terraced gardens, wine presses, and other elements offer a glimpse into the past and allow for an appreciation of the way of life of previous generations. Undoubtedly, it is a place that invites exploration and the discovery of local history.

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