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Isorana Cliffs


This fabulous coastal area divides the municipalities of Guía de Isora and Adeje, on both sides of the mouth of the Erques ravine.

It is three kilometres long and rises to an average height of 30 metres. The vegetation of this hidden paradise is made up of small halophyte plants of the escarpment, such as sweet and bitter tabaiba and coastal thyme, which grow next to the torrential outlets that give rise to small coves and gravel beaches.

In addition to the natural richness of the cliffs, visitors can also enjoy a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean and the southwest coast of Tenerife. There are several viewpoints in the area that offer panoramic views of the cliffs and the surrounding landscape.

It is also possible to walk along the path that runs along the coast and explore the small coves that lie between the cliffs.

Discovered by marine erosion, these cliffs have created a rugged landscape with a multitude of hollows in their sharp walls, where coastal birds protected by current legislation, such as the little shearwater or Bulwer’s petrel, nest.

All this has made it possible for this place to be declared a Site of Scientific Interest with great importance for ornithology, so if you are a birdwatcher it is an essential spot for you.



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