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Isorana Cliffs


This fabulous costal area divides the municipalities of Guía de Isora y Adeje on each side of the mouth of the Barranco de Erques. They are 3 kilometres in length and rise to an average height of 30 metres.

Vegetation consists of halophilic plants (plants that grow in water with a high salt content), such as sweet and sour tabaiba and costal thyme. You can also find small caves and pebble beaches around the mouth of the ravine which form a very special and hidden paradise.

Created by marine erosion, these cliffs provide a rugged landscape with many crevices in their sharp walls where shorebirds can nest and are protected by law. You can see examples of these protected species, such as the shearwater and petrel Bulwer. It is also designated as an area of substantial scientific interest.



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