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Whale and dolphin watching

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The southwest coast of the island is the ideal place to enjoy whale and dolphin watching.

In our municipality you will have the opportunity to see these animals in the wild thanks to companies that are dedicated to organising this type of excursion, the one located in Playa de San Juan has been awarded the quality charter that will ensure you a quality tourist service, respecting the animals and minimising the impact that this may have on the marine environment.

During the excursion, accompanied by expert guides, you will be able to observe different species of cetaceans such as bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins, pilot whales and fin whales, among others.
You will also have the opportunity to learn more about the life of these animals, their behaviour and their natural habitat.

Whale watching is an activity that can be done in Guía de Isora at any time of the year, since many species are resident; however, there are others that you will only have the opportunity to see in specific seasons.

It is important to mention that these excursions will also take you to enjoy the impressive views of the southwest coast of the island, with its cliffs and unspoilt beaches.

It should be noted that during the excursions measures are taken to minimise environmental impact, such as not getting too close to the animals and not interfering with their natural behaviour.



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