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It’s striking to see how people whose lives revolve around the sea talk about it.

Lara and Romulo each have a different perspective. Romulo explores its depths and shows people who know nothing about the ocean its incredible bounty of life. Lara is intent on conquering the ocean waves on her board. Both affirm, beyond any doubt, that the ocean is where happiness is to be found. But you have to be bold enough to look for it.

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Guia de Isora
Guia de Isora



Guia de Isora


Diving instructor

The Coast of Alcalá in Guía de Isora: Practice Joy

As if every day were a Sunday. That’s how a lot of us prefer to live and enjoy each day. Well, on the coast of Alcalá, in Guía de Isora, you’ll get feeling you’re in a little paradise devoted to the constant practice of joy: beaches, natural pools, the old fishing pier, waves… There is an air of happiness, of everlasting summer. Who wouldn’t want that?

From sunrise to sunset. No matter the time or month of the year, there are always people walking around here. Each is on their own schedule. You’ll always find early risers who are up at the crack of dawn to enjoy the coast and are ready for lunch at their usual time. Others prefer to enjoy the beach in the afternoon and stay until sunset. Hey, to each his own.

One of the most considerable charms of the coast of Alcalá is that it hosts a beautiful medley of wildlife because it is so long (several kilometers, in fact). It lends itself to being classified into different areas of enjoyment.

Guia de Isora

The Old Dock

Local character. It is often lined with fishing boats and kids jumping off the little pier.  The dock retains practically every element that defines the character of the islands’ typical coastal villages. You’ll also find restaurants that serve freshly caught fish harvested off the southern shore of Tenerife.

It’s an excellent way to begin your itinerary, learn about its heritage, and fully immerse yourself in the customs of the local population. Proof of this is the famous Alcalá Fireworks. Every year on the 15th of August, the people of Guía de Isora gather at the dock to enjoy a magical night of light and color over the Atlantic Ocean.

Guia de Isora

La Jaquita

Although you might think it’s the latest addition, this has always been here. It’s a recently upgraded extension of the promenade. Punta Blanca cuts through banana plantations and greenhouses. It is a favorite for both surfers and people who enjoy walking and hiking each day to stay in shape.

En este tramo el ocio se practica a conciencia. Se puede ver a gente caminando, corriendo, en bici o patines. También hay una pequeña cancha de baloncesto donde el tablero de la canasta se superpone con el mar del Atlántico que tiene justo detrás. Solo por disfrutar de una cancha así, dan ganas de aprender a jugar.

Además, las zonas de baño cuentan con accesos para personas con movilidad reducida, duchas, vestuarios para cambiarse y socorristas. Vamos, todo lo necesario para que únicamente nos tengamos que preocupar de pasarlo bien. Y precisamente para esto, hay un chiringuito pegado a la playa y con vistas al mar para echarse la siempre ansiada caña bien fría. Que la salud se vive por fuera, pero también por dentro.

Guia de Isora
Guia de Isora

Punta Blanca

Aunque parece que ha sido la última en incorporarse, lleva toda la vida. Ha sido acondicionada y es la prolongación del paseo. Transcurre por una zona de plataneras e invernaderos. Es la preferida tanto para los surferos como para las personas que les gusta caminar y hacer su ruta diaria para mantenerse en forma.

The “in” spot in Punta Blanca is famous among bodyboarding fans. Although the waves here are short, they’re fairly powerful, so many riders come here to practice their more extreme moves. There is a strong surfer vibe, and the beach has even hosted some local competitions in February.

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