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Guía de Isora is the place to be during Holy Week in the celebrations leading up to Easter. Artistic creation and tradition come together in Guía de Isora to bring to life an event whose theme is unique in all the nation. The celebration shines the spotlight on the ephemeral art of floral design, representing and recreating various scenes based on the Passion of Christ in a setting that undoubtedly constitutes an added value to this unique project, the historic center of Guía de Isora, an area of immeasurable historic and artistic value.

Thanks to this symbiosis of art and tradition, every year from Maundy Thursday through Easter Sunday, Guía de Isora becomes a must-visit location for tourists and, increasingly, for the island’s residents, reactivating Guía de Isora’s appeal as a tourist destination with this creative initiative that is striking and interesting for residents, visitors, and anyone who appreciates floral art. Location: Guía de Isora historic center.

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