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Guía de Isora


This town is the capital of the municipality and is located in the central area of the municipality, about 580 metres above sea level.

There is a historical centre, which was declared an area of Cultural Interest in 2009 due to its rich architectural heritage.

You will find numerous buildings dating back to the 19th and 20th Centuries which show both popular and rural domestic architecture from this era. They are painted in bright colours in keeping with this period of the old town.

For lovers of religious architecture, the church of Our Lady of the Light holds great historic, artistic and cultural value. In the church you can find numerous religious works of art and historical artefacts, such as altarpieces, sculptures, paintings, many jewellery pieces and part of an embroidered robe from the eighteenth century; which is one of the oldest fabric pieces in Tenerife. You will also find the patron saint of Guia de Isora, Our Lady of the Light, and co-patron, Christ of the Sweet Death.

During a tour of the historic town you can get lost in the narrow alleyways and find old natural springs and washrooms, which are part of local heritage and were still in use up until a few decades ago. We can take a step back into the past and learn more about the lifestyle and cultural ancestry of the local people.

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Guia de Isora

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