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Close to Playa San Juan, Alcalá is a place unlike no other.

The smell of salt brings us back to the origins of the town which dates back to the twentieth century, where there was a fish cannery. Until the present day the factory has still been preserved, although now it’s used for other things.

You can find many fishermen’s boats and a multitude of marine species that live in the ponds and clear seas.

There is a central area with a town square where you have the chance to try typical coastal cuisine at one of the various restaurants available. There are also many shops and a market that takes place every Monday from 8:00 to 13:00 in the Plaza del Llano (Town Square).

Moving away from the centre you can find the Boardwalk Jaquita with its peace, tranquillity and extensive views of the coast and La Gomera.

In Alcalá you can also swim in the sea in one of the safer natural pools with gentle surf for young children, or for the more adventurous bather there are small sandy beaches and pools all along the coast where you can swim in the larger waves.

If you prefer more active sports then you won’t be disappointed either, as there are facilities for basketball, volleyball, playgrounds and a bike lane.

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